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You can decorate your door for spring in minutes with this gorgeous floral wreath. It’s easy to make with a few flowers and your machine. This will be one gorgeous addition to any door or even above your mantel. You can also change up the colors to match your home for a unique door hanger that everyone will love. I’m not sure if you have been in a Hobby Lobby. but it’s pretty much a crafty person’s dream. Filled to the brim with everything you need to create ANYTHING you want! So when I got tasked with making something springy for my front door. You shouldn’t be surprised that I walked out of that store with enough supplies to make 8 wreaths. (I was exaggerating!) Hobby Lobby has the most gorgeous assortment of fake flowers! It’s super easy to get overwhelmed–I just picked a color scheme and went around and grabbed any flowers that fit in that color scheme and bought ones that worked together! You don’t want all the same size–so many sure you are grabbing big medium and smalls!

When I’m trying to decide what to do I like to go armed with a color scheme. Spring is pinks and yellows and greens and turquoise in my head. I saw this striped scrapbook paper and thought it would look so good to balance out the floral! Using wire I just 1 inch down from the flower and then I can just poke it right into my wreath! I have off the leaves and stuck them in here and there!  I can move them around until I like the arrangement.(This yellow flower is my favorite! Isn’t it fun!)


  • Darice 12 inch Unfinished Wood Circle
  • Artificial Dark Pink Darice Rose Spray (you can pick other colors you like as well)
  • Darice Rose Sprays
  • Wood Stain & Paintbrush
  • Rag
  • Electronic cutting machine
  • White Vinyl (or any other color you love)
  • Transfer Tape
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Start by staining the wood circle with wood stain. Brush the stain on allow to sit a few minutes then wipe away all excess with a rag.

While your circle download the hello file and upload it to your Cricut machine. Pisces the design from white adhesive vinyl.

Weed away all of the excess material around the outside as well as the centers of letters. Then cover your design with transfer tape.

Burnish well on the front and back. Then peel the backing away from the vinyl. Apply the vinyl to the wood circle.

Burnish down well then peel back the transfer tape. Start the flowers for length and placing them on the top of the wood circle.

Use glue to secure the flowers into place. You can add as many or as few flowers as you would like.

Then your spring floral door hanger right on your door to welcome the season.

You are going to love the way this one looks on your front door this season. Imagine these gorgeous floral welcoming your guests for spring parties and so much more.

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