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Add some floral elements to your hair using this simple hair clip. It’s super customization to your unique style and a beautiful summer touch as you head to the pool.

Since I was a little girl I loved putting flowers in my hair! This is a great excuse to add some flowers to your hair this summer. It’s perfect for a quick craft night too. It is fun to watch people arrange them to their preference.


  • Darice Hair Clips
  • Wire Cutters
  • Darice Greenery Picks
  • Small Darice Flower Picks
  • Glue Gun

Start by cutting off small pieces of your flowers and greenery. I tried to arrange them as I was cutting them to see how they looked. I ended up using less flowers than I thought. You can always off but if you can too many you can’t put them back on! So I suggest being conservative.

Begin by gluing on the base portion of the clip. For me it was the green sprigs. I put the glue on the ends of the stem and held them until they were solid. Then I added some glue to the space between the clip and the sprigs.

For the flowers I dabbed glue where I wanted them to go and held them in the glue until the glue was solid.

Remember with this hair clip less is more. You don’t have to cover ALL of the clip. Your hair will likely disguise the clip just fine. I put my hair in a low bun and clipped it on the side. It looked so pretty! And how simple was that to accomplish? You could make it bright and colorful or keep it simple. It’s so fun to see what others end up doing and adapting a simple project to their own personal style.


You might try this magnolia wedding garland idea for your big day. Simplicity in white and green make this a garland that will look great at the wedding party table. Plus it is oh so easy to make! If you love magnolias this is definitely the wedding craft for your big day.


  • Darice White Magnolia Garland 
  • Darice Magnolia Leaf Spray 
  • Burlap Runner
  • White Table Cloth
  • Bride and Groom Chair Signs

Start by adding the runner to your table. This is optional but definitely adds a rustic touch to the entire table. You can also add some color here if you would like. Just use a runner in the colors of your wedding. Then start laying on your magnolia garlands.

I felt like three of these garlands together made a great display. You can make it as full as you would like. Lay these across the runner. You might need to snip the ends off with scissors. Then start adding in the magnolia leaves randomly around the garland to fill it out.

I didn’t even glue these into place. If you are having an outdoor ceremony and expecting wind you might want to use hot glue to secure them into place. Otherwise just lay them around on the table and tuck into the flowers themselves.

You can also add the bride and groom signs to the chairs with twine. This is a simple touch but way to mark the chairs that are for the couple.

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