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Craft Projects Inspired By Kirstie’s Keep Crafting

We’re now into the second week of Kirstie Allsopp’s Keep Crafting And Carry On. Although times are tough sitting down every day to a familiar face has certainly helped and it is fantastic to have yet another source of inspiration to explore. Remember we won’t just be watching we will also be updating the list of projects below on a daily basis.

Dinosaur Wall Plaque

The only limit to cutting is your imagination with this raaawsome wall plaque.

Welcome Sign

Free-hand stitch for the home with our designer sewing.

Calligraphy Wall Décor

Make a statement with Corinne Bradd’s inspirational wall hangings.

Folk Wall Hangings

Team remnants of colorful with bright stitches to make eye-catching textile displays.

Painted Berries Tin

Upcycle tinware with nifty penmanship and summery motifs.

Bright Painted Baking Tins

Corinne Bradd shows you how to add flora and fauna painted designs to a set of kitchen tins.

I-cord Cushion Update

Transform your soft furnishings with these funky i-cords.

Upcycled Trellis Pots

Upcycle throwaway plastics in an evening with these smart covers!

Up cycled Jumper and Blanket Water Bottles

Reinvent last year’s comforts with fancy new covers created from blankets or jumpers.

Lampshade cover

Fan of Kirstie’s light box. Try this knitted option to jazz up your living room.

Butterfly Garland

This butterfly garland is perfect for outdoors – we can’t wait to hang ours out when it gets a bit.


If you’re searching for crafts that sell well, I assume you want information that will help you develop a product that has a real chance of being popular.

You’re looking for real insights. You’re not looking for someone’s best guesses.

The best way to get real insights into the types of crafts that sell instead of best guesses would be to find a study of what actually sells well at craft shows.

Unfortunately craft business sales data is tough to find. The Association for Creative Industries Data is too General for Our Needs.

The Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) publishes data on the crafts and creativity market. 

The problem with that data is that it’s not focused on solo craft business owners. It covers the entire craft industry as a whole and includes data from big-name craft supply chain store. It’s not a reliable reflection of the business realities facing a solo craft business owner selling handmade products.

It might give you some big-picture insights but it’s not going to tell you what sells best at craft shows or in Etsy shops.

Nobody it seems is tracking real numbers on different types of handmade products that sell at craft shows and online and which crafts are most profitable for artisans.

If you ever find this kind of data about solo craft business owners anywhere – I’m talking about a real study not someone’s best guesses please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to get my hands on those numbers.

If you read an article that a list of items that are supposedly “the best selling handmade items” at craft shows, it’s based on the author’s best guess. It’s not backed by data.

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