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Best recipes to improve your life

A good-quality breakfast, plenty of a homemade lunch and free freshly cooked dinner are keys to a life. We’re on it.

Make quick homemade breakfasts

We spend, on average, just under 11 minutes eating breakfast every day. A bowl of cereal or slice of toast is super-speedy to prep, but you can rustle up and eat most of these breakfasts in a similar amount of time. Alternatively make breakfast the night before so it’s ready to eat before the kettle.

Adding fruit and veg is one way to make breakfast taste great without extra sugar – and it helps you get your five-a-day. You could save a pretty penny, decrease your sugar intake and up, keeping you fuller for longer.

Savoury sensations – Eggy Bread

  • Dippy egg with soldiers
  • Creamy mushrooms on toast
  • Cheese omelette
  • Smashed avo on toast
  • Eggy bread

Sweeten up your morning – banana cocoa crunch

  • Berrylicious porridge
  • Banana cocoa crunch overnight oats
  • Cinnamon and pear porridge
  • Berry and nut yoghurt
  • Blackberry crumble smoothie

Pack favourite meals with extra veg

One thing that’s sure to improve your life is getting your five-a-day, every day. According to the Survey only 31% and 8% of teenagers meet the five-a-day recommendation. Start by simply adding more veggies to your usual meals (you can even hide them) then add a couple of new dishes to your repertoire.

Serves 2 – Fajitas with guacamole

  • Roasted stuffed peppers
  • Quick bean enchiladas
  • Fajitas with guacamole
  • One pan saltimbocca with veg
  • Quick broccoli pasta

Serves 4–6 – Spag Bol with hidden veg

  • Baked meatballs with veg sauce
  • Spag Bol with hidden veg
  • Squash curry
  • Vegetable lasagne
  • Vegetable soup

Fill up on gut-friendly

Complex are your friends and many everyday foods are packed with this vital: brown rice, wholemeal pasta, peas, beans, grains and pulses are loaded with it. If you don’t like wholemeal pasta and brown rice, just add lots of vegetables to the sauce. There are plenty of other high meals and snacks.

Make your own lunch

Spend more time on your lunch break enjoying yourself rather than stood in a supermarket queue make your meal the way you like it and save cash! Sandwiches wraps and salads are easy to make and simple to transport in a lunch box.

Try takeaway swaps

It’s time to quit fast-food habits and make your own dinner. Whether you’re partial to a Chinese takeaway fish and chips or a kebab we’ve got plenty of easy recipes.


  • Chicken and vegetable balti
  • Easy chicken korma
  • Chickpea and egg curry
  • Sweet and sticky pork

East chicken dishes

  • Chinese plum chicken
  • Chicken egg-fried rice
  • Salt and pepper chicken
  • Sweet and sticky pork

Batch-cook favorites

There’s no better feeling than a homemade meal you’ve stashed away in the freezer for after a long and tiring day. Live your best life by using your spare time to batch-cook meals for days when you need them most. Baking and slow-cooking make an easy job of prepping large meals.

Eat more oily fish

Oily fish is a great source. It is low in saturated and high in the essential Omega 3, which is good for memory and brain function. Salmon is the most popular but mackerel trout and sardines are great sources too. Few of us eat the recommended one a week, so here are some easy recipes to help change that.

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