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Awesome Architecture of Entire City Block

There’s a new kid on the block making noise in Brooklyn’s thriving Bush wick neighborhood. At 7-stories tall 500 units and occupying 489,000 square feet of real estate The Rhein gold is one of the most expansive multi-family developments in Brooklyn to date.

The complex boasts several in-demand amenities including two courtyards a game room state-of-the-art center movie theater and 60,000-square-foot rooftop with striking views of the Manhattan skyline. These amenities offer residents places to socialize creating a sense of community that elevates Bushwick’s cultural identity.

Designed by New York-based ODA The Rheingold’s to fame is not only its city-block size and engaging amenities but also its colorful and distinct modular form that breaks the mold of the surrounding homogenous architecture. The facade reveals two staggered layers that express texture contrast and depth. Recessed windows are wrapped in extruded aluminum frames that are powder-coated in a conspicuous color spectrum ranging from yellow to red. Finally exterior walls are clad in corrugated metal panels that convey a visual connection to the neighborhood’s industrial past.

A awesome architecture defining architectural element of The Rhein gold is its vast grid of balconies that extend from nearly every apartment unit. The balconies overlook either the lively courtyards or bustling city streets initiating a seamless dialogue with the surrounding environment.

As with any multi-family development occupant safety is a priority. C.R. Laurence manufactured and supplied over 6,000 linear feet of its Glass Railing System to enclose each balcony and residents from falls. The railing system is the first and only ICC-ES approved glass guardrail available in the marketplace. This simplifies specification because the certification ensures it will be accepted by code officials nationwide. The Glass Railing System improves safety while enhancing aesthetics and promoting daylight diffusion to help produce vibrant interiors.

The Rheingold symbolizes the evolution of Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood from a manufacturing hub to an urban playground. It is grand scale and countless amenities together create a self-contained village that merges culture and entertainment resulting in an avant-garde residential community that’s the talk of the town.

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