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11 Craft Trends You’ll Be Trying In Day to Day life

Make a Change

The number one topic on everybody’s lips right now is how we can all be more eco-friendly and live a greener life. As crafters we’ve got so much knowledge and tools under our belt so we need to pioneer this movement – recycle old items find alternatives to plastic and upcycle all in the name of nature and crafts!

Fancy Foils

A little touch of shine isn’t just reserved for Christmas bring this trendy paper craft technique into your crafts all year long. There are so many gadgets and nifty accessories on the market which allow you to achieve a professional finish in the comfort of your own home.


According to Hobbycraft sales of wooden blanks are up 360% on last year and are being used as a base for pyrography projects – a pen-like wood tool used to create unique and personalised gifts or something for the home.


Brighten up your home with beautiful wall hangings cushions and other woolly decor! Weaving has become a trendy craft thanks to the likes and you can make your own at home by using simple looms that come in an array of different sizes.

Bring the Outside In

Paper flowers have been on our radar for a while now but this trend is about to take off even more! Think beautiful butterflies paper craft cacti leaf prints and green hues – you’ll have no trouble at all keeping these beautiful blooms alive!

Wabi Sabi

We all need to get used to appreciating the beauty in imperfection as this traditional Japanese craft will be popping up everywhere – and we love it!


It’s time for the paper folding fun to begin! There’s something incredibly impressive about creating divine works of art from a single sheet of paper. When you think of origami you imagine a complex structure made by a skilled artist however it’s so easy to create them yourself with just a little practice.

Kawaii Pisces

Big eyes rounded shapes bright colors and simple features make up this trend! You’ve probably seen Kawaii-inspired items around but prepare for them to become a staple.

Out Of This World

Transport yourself to a galaxy far away and fill your craft stash with rich blues starry embellishments and plenty of glitter!

What Hannah-Read Baldrey will be loving

“This year’s trends are all about personalisation which luckily lends itself greatly to craft! There is a global movement for brands to create personalised unique goods and for the crafting industry this is a huge thing – if you create a product it only makes sense to add a customisation option. Unless you are under ten most of us have exhausted the unicorn trend and people are looking for a level of sophistication to handmade goods responsibly sourced materials and ethical mindfulness why is exactly why there’s been a huge surge in the recycling of materials”


With the Great British Sewing Bee back on our screens this year there’s no better time to pick up this rewarding craft. Get to grips with the basic techniques by creating garments for little ones then work towards making something spectacular for yourself. Who knows this time next year you may have an entirely handmade wardrobe!

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